CESSDA CV Manager Tool

This project is to produce a tool for CESSDA to manage controlled vocabularies (CVs) as they will form a crucial part of the forthcoming CESSDA metadata standard.

The vocabularies will be used to aid information retrieval in the CESSDA Product and Services Catalogue and in Euro Question Bank as well. Therefore CESSDA needs a tool that will allow the creation, versioning and maintenance of controlled vocabularies, their translation into all member languages, and access to all CVs. The tool would make vocabulary work quicker, less labour intensive and less error-prone.

As CESSDA will use DDI controlled vocabularies whenever available, there would be significant synergy benefits for CESSDA if the same tool would also be used for DDI controlled vocabularies work. A joint tool would speed up vocabulary creation, remove the need to maintain vocabularies in two places, and facilitate access to vocabularies for various purposes through an API or exports in required formats.

Our contribution

Lead partner:  UK Data Service: John Shepherdson, Anne Etheridge (until end September 2018), Sharon Bolton (from October 2018).


Dates: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2018


Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD): Taina Jääskeläinen

Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS): Oliver Hopt, Claus-Peter Klas

Swedish National Data Service (SND): Stefan Ekman, Iris Alfredsson

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