The FOSTER-CESSDA training project was a series of hands-on multi-day doctoral training events for the social sciences in Research Data Management for Open Data. Training was held at universities in five European countries, organised with partners of the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA). The Facilitate Open Science Training For European Research (FOSTER) project aims to set in place sustainable mechanisms for EU researchers to foster open science. CESSDA is a long-established umbrella organization of European data archives that works towards standardisation of data and metadata, data sharing and knowledge mobility across Europe.

Topics covered during the training were critical areas related to research data management for open data in the social sciences, such as metadata and contextual description, ethical and legal aspects of sharing sensitive or confidential data, anonymising research data for reuse, and writing a data management plan.

Teaching was delivered by trainers from across the CESSDA partners, with the specific aim to exchange trainers between institutions and to exchange training ideas and practices, to build capacity among the CESSDA partners and develop new research data management materials and exercises for use in doctoral RDM training.

Doctoral training series

Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, 26-27 May 2015: LIVES Doctoral Program, Be ready to tackle the data deluge

ECPR Summer School, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia: Research Data Management and Open Data, 23-25 July 2015

University of Manchester, UK, 6-7 October 2015: Research Data Management and Open Data

GESIS, Cologne, Germany, 5 November 2015: How to write a data management plan

Danish Data Archive, Denmark, 25 November 2015: Open Science - Open Data? 2015

Our contribution

Principal Investigator: Veerle Van den Eynden, UK Data Service

Co-Investigators: Libby Bishop, UK Data Service

Funder: FOSTER, EU FP7 project

Dates: February - November 2015


GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences: Alexia Katsanidou, Sebastian Netscher

National Archives/Danish Data Archive (DDA): Anne Sofie Fink, Bodil Stenvig, Steen Andersen

Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences (FORS): Alexandra Stam, Brian Kleiner

Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP): Irena Vipavc Brvar, Sonia Bezjak

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