Risk Utility Management

The Risk Utility Management project will deliver an easy-to-use front end to an existing R tool, SDCMicro, to allow and to automate the creation of anonymised datasets from confidential sources. 

The process of creating Open, Safeguarded and Synthetic datasets is currently a time-consuming, manual process, with significant costs to the data producers who generate anonymised versions of data for dissemination to researchers.  Working with the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) the front end is being developed so that users of the programme are able to import confidential data into the program, and then apply pre-set anonymisation techniques of varying degrees to create new redacted data sources. 

Other key features of the program include Risk-Utility 'scores', allowing users of the program to examine the effects of applying further anonymisation techniques on the data on the ‘usefulness’ of the resulting data product.

Following a successful pilot, and input from a number of key stakeholders interested in developing this product, including from the Office for National Statistics, Department of Work and Pensions, and Centre for Longitudinal Studies, modifications have been added to the tool interest.

From August 2015, a programme of testing and documentation is now underway. Data producers are being encouraged to examine and ‘play’ with the product, using fake datasets, and providing feedback. 

Are you interested?

The team are interested in making contact with potential testers of the system who own or produce survey data. Please contact Louise Corti.

Our contribution

Liaison link: Louise Corti, UK Data Service

Principle Investigator: Richard Welpton, UK Data Service

Collaborators:  Norwegian Data Services (NSD)  

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Dates: September 2014 to May 2015

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