UK Research Data Discovery

This project developing a UK Research Data Discovery Service, builds on an initial pilot project by the Digital Curation Centre and the UK Data Archive in 2013-2014.

The aim is to develop a UK-wide discovery service that enables the discovery and encourage reuse of UK research data held in UK research institutions and subject data centres, and which can be taken forward into a service run by Jisc.

The project is now in its third phase of work, whereby the harvesting of metadata will be widened across more UK universities and data centres during 2017.

During the second phase of work (2014-2016), we:

  • Developed and agreed requirements and use cases for a UK Research Data Discovery Service.
  • Built on the existing stakeholder engagement across UK universities and data centres, engaging nine universities and six data centres.
  • Developed and agreed the metadata profile for a successful cross disciplinary service, and mapped this to the various metadata schemas used by data centres and repositories.
  • Developed a functioning service instance (alpha).
  • Harvested metadata of participating data centres and university repositories into the service instance.

Our contribution

Principal Investigator: Veerle Van den Eynden, UK Data Service

Funder: Jisc

Dates: November 2014 - July 2016


Digital Curation Centre: Diana Sisu, Laura Molloy, Alex Ball, David Wilson, Kevin Ashley

Jisc: Christopher Brown, Catherine Grout, Rachel Bruce

UK Data Archive: Lucy Bell, John Shepherdson, Anne Etheridge

Archaeology Data Centre: Katie Green, Michael Charno, Paul Young

NERC Data Catalogue Service: Peter Vodden, Philip Trembath

ISIS/ICAT, STFC: Tom Griffin, Catherine Jones

Visual Arts Data Service: Leigh Garrett, Carlos Silca, Amy Robinson

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre: Ian Bruno, Matthew Lightfoot

STFC Energy Data Centre: Jim Halliday

University of Hull: Chris Awre

University of St Andrews: Anna Clements

University of Glasgow: Valerie McCutcheon

Oxford Brookes University: Rowena Rouse, Sarah Taylor

University of Edinburgh: Robin Rice, Stuart Lewis

University of Oxford: Sally Rumsey, Amanda Flynn, David Tomkins

University of Southampton: Wendy White, Adrian Cox, Michael Whitton

University of Leeds: Rachel Proudfoot, Graham Blyth

University of Lincoln: Paul Stainthorp, Andrew Beeken

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