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"Valuable resources that can be used and reused"

Data created or generated during research or administrative processes are valuable resources that can be used and reused for future scientific and educational purposes. Sharing data can:

  • facilitate research beyond the scope of the original research
  • encourage scientific enquiry
  • avoid duplication of data collection
  • provide rich resources for education and training

We proactively acquire data that are suitable for use in research and teaching and that fall within the thematic scope of our Collections Development Policy. We have different pathways for regular depositors of major surveys or data series, for research data from ESRC grants and other research projects, for datasets described in data papers and for offers of new data collections.

How to deposit data

This contains guidance for the deposit of data collections from major survey series, from ESRC grants and research projects, datasets lkinked with data papers, and new offers of data.

Preparing your data 

This presents guidance for preparing data aimed at larger-scale survey/series depositors.


Suggests why you should get an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) as a persistent digital identifier that can distinguish you as an individual researcher. 

Depositor stories

Testimonies from depositors of qualitative data collections outlining their own challenges covering time, consent, confidentiality and providing sufficient context.

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