How to deposit

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"Depositing data is straightforward and rewarding"

We have different pathways for offers of new data collections:

Data offers

New depositors can offer their data by sending us a short description of the data collected. We appraise data according to our Collections Development Policy.

Regular depositors

For depositors of large-scale social surveys or government data series, curation is carried out by our processing team. We provide guidance on how to prepare data, completing our deposit form and licence agreement, information on the checks we carry out on received data, and the ways in which we safeguard data.

Self-deposit to ReShare

Researchers, especially ESRC grant holders, can deposit their research data to the UK Data Service's ReShare data repository.

ReShare can also be used to deposit datasets described in a data paper or supporting a peer-reviewed paper. 

We encourage researchers depositing data from large-scale surveys to contact the Data Collections Development Team to make a data offer. 

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