BEIS (Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy)

BEIS (Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy) is the department for economic growth, investing for people to work and for businesses to invest, innovate and grow and is responsible for business; industrial strategy; science; research and innovation; energy and clean growth; climate change.

BEIS sponsor regular large-scale surveys including:

  • Fair Treatment at Work Surveys, 2005/06-
  • Individuals' Awareness, Knowledge and Exercise of Employment Rights Survey, 2000-
  • Work-Life Balance Studies, 2000-
  • Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications, 1992-
  • Company Accounts Analysis Data, 1977-1990
  • Workplace Employee Relations Survey, 1980-

We work closely with BEIS and the data producers to ensure timely sharing of data.

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