Data access policy

The UK Data Service is implementing a generic, three tier access policy. The three tiers are:

These categories are generic because they combine modes of access and conditions of use, and there are likely to be overlaps and differences between the three major categories.


Open data
Safeguarded data
Controlled data

Controlled data are data which may be identifiable and thus potentially disclosive.

These data are only available to users who have been accredited and their data usage has been approved by the relevant Data Access Committee.

Controlled data require registration/authentication.

The UK Data Service checks applications for the use of controlled access data. If data available at a lower level licence could be used (e.g. open data or safeguarded data), researchers are encouraged to apply for alternative versions providing significant efficiencies for researchers and the Service.

For data where access is provided, a depositor's licence is required as is a secure access agreement.

Where access is granted to controlled data, this will be through a physical or virtual secure environment, depending on the specific requirements of the data depositor.

The user will also be required to undertake specific training as part of such access arrangements.


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