Data access policy

The UK Data Service is implementing a generic, three tier access policy. The three tiers are:

These categories are generic because they combine modes of access and conditions of use, and there are likely to be overlaps and differences between the three major categories.


Open data

Data licensed for use with an ‘open licence’ are data which are not personal and have relatively few restrictions to use.

Neither login nor registration are required for these data collections. You can browse our Data Catalogue for our open data collections and then download or access them directly.

By preference, the Open Government Licence is used where data collections are Crown Copyright and Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License used (when available) where data collections are copyright others. Exceptions will apply for some data collections. 

We do not need a depositor's licence to provide access to, or preserve, data licensed under these regimes, but in some cases we may have one.

Safeguarded data
Controlled data

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