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"Locate and interpret geospatial information in our collection"

Geospatial information describing location can be used for the analysis of spatial patterns, of people's movement and of how people behave in their environment. 

Many of the datasets in the UK Data Service collection include a geospatial element that references units (typically people) to a particular location.

These identifiers, referred to as spatial units, can be used to analyse data based on geography and in other geospatial applications.

The availability of spatially referenced datasets is increasing. Using licencing and secure access technologies, it is now possible to provide access to more detailed spatial identifiers that would previously have presented a disclosure risk.

Finding data with geographical identifiers

How to find data containing geographical information through Discover

Geographic metadata in the catalogue

Several elements of the catalogue record present information on geography

Spatial units in our data collections

Definitions of the spatial units commonly appearing in our datasets


Links to useful tools for manipulating geospatial data

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