Finding data with geographical identifiers

While much of the UK Data Service collection contains data referencing specific places in the data itself, the places themselves only occasionally define the datasets.

An example of this exception can be found by typing 'Avon' into the Discover search box.

More commonly, variables within the data might cover several types of spatial unit, and the user can select those of interest.

Key data

The key elements of the collection with geospatial content are Census data, international time series plus many of the major longitudinal and UK cross-sectional survey datasets.

Census data

  • tips and information about data relating to last few censuses in the countries of the United Kingdom can be found on the UK Data Service census site
  • our census tools allow you to search on topic and geography
  • the census site also provides tools for converting geographies and mapping data

International time series

  • contains information about countries over time
  • UKDS.Stat allows you to search through series by topic and geography - we provide guides to this
  • the datasets are listed as international macrodata in our key data pages

  Longitudinal and UK cross-sectional survey datasets

  • contain some kind of spatial unit, which refers each case to a set of area boundaries such as county or parliamentary constituency
  • some datasets contain many such spatial units, to varying degree of granularity, and under varying levels of access control
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