Access to the Secure Lab

Information about how registered users can apply for access to Controlled data via the UK Data Service Secure Lab is available below.

Access to the Secure Lab is currently only available to researchers based at a UK academic institution or an ESRC-funded research centre.

PhD and research students can also request access but will need to apply jointly with their supervisors.

Undergraduates should note that controlled data are not available for undergraduate dissertation/course work.

For further information and details about the software available, see Secure Lab: How it works.

Applying for access

Access to our Office for National Statistics datasets is restricted to ONS Approved Researchers under the Statistics and Registration Services Act of 2007.

Access to our non-government data is restricted to ESRC Accredited Researchers.

To apply for access to Controlled data via the Secure Lab:

  1. you need to be registered with the UK Data Service. See our Registration pages for details if you are not yet registered
  2. add the required dataset(s) to a registered usage, or create a new usage, via your UK Data Service account
  3. within the registered usage, click the 'Request permission' link for the required dataset(s) and an order will be submitted
  4. click the 'Accept special condition' link and information about how to request access to the dataset will be displayed, including links to the forms that need to be completed
  5. click 'I accept' to continue, and an email will be sent to you containing the information that was displayed on the screen
  6. follow the links to the forms which must be downloaded and completed. You will need to provide evidence of previous research projects and publications, information about the intended use of the data and the purpose of the research
  7. sign the declaration to acknowledge that you understand the confidentiality obligations owed to these data
  8. supply a User Agreement which must be signed by you and your organisation before access can be given to the Secure Lab
  9. return the completed forms to and your request will be processed.

If your project has additional researchers please refer to Team projects for information on how to add researchers to your project.

Complete user agreement
Attend training course
Team projects

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