Access to the Secure Lab

Information about how registered users can apply for access to Controlled data via the UK Data Service Secure Lab is available below.

Access to the Secure Lab is available to researchers who can fulfil the access requirements for the data required:

  • For ONS data: researchers must be an ONS Accredited Researcher, and the forms required to apply for this status will be made available during the application process. Further details are available from: ONS Approved Researcher Scheme
  • For non-government data: researchers must be based at a UK academic institution or an ESRC-funded research centre, and be an ESRC Accredited Researcher. PhD and research students can request access but will need to apply jointly with their supervisors.

For further information and details about our security philosophy and software available, see Secure Lab: How it works and our 5 Safes animation explaining the process.

Applying for access
Complete user agreement
Attend training course
Team projects

Team projects

For projects that have more than one affiliated researcher, each team member must be registered with the UK Data Service. For information on how to register please refer to our Registration pages.

When team members have completed the registration process, the lead researcher should then add each team member to their usage/project. To do this the lead researcher should:

  • log into their UK Data Service account
  • click 'Usage details' (from the menu on the left)
  • select the relevant usage number
  • add the email address of each team member into the section 'Add another registered user to this usage'. Note: the email address entered must be the one the team member used when registering with the UK Data Service.

Each team member will then receive an email to say they have been added to the usage/project. They must then log into their own UK Data Service account, click on 'Usage details', and then on the relevant usage title, and:

  • click 'Request permission' to place an order
  • click 'Accept special condition' to view details of the steps necessary to request access to Controlled data via the Secure Lab
  • click 'I accept' and an email will be sent containing the information read on-screen, including a link to the application forms

Please note that the lead researcher should collect the applications from all team members and then email them together to:

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