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Information about how to download, order or request access to Safeguarded and Controlled data are provided below.


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Controlled data

Users interested in applying for access to Controlled data via the UK Data Service Secure Lab should refer to Access Secure Lab for details on how to apply for access to these data and note the information on the 'Access' tab available for each study in the Data Catalogue.

Important points to note about access to controlled data: 

  • Controlled data are not suitable for undergraduate/postgraduate dissertations/course work
  • Users must be registered with the UK Data Service
  • For access to ONS data: users must be ONS Accredited Researchers, or have completed the relevant application forms to apply for accreditation
  • For access to non-ONS data: users must complete the relevant application forms for the datasets required
  • Project proposals must be approved by the data owners
  • We must hold a current 'Secure Access User Agreement', signed by you and your institution
  • Users must have successfully completed the Safe User of Research data Environments (SURE) training course (part of the ONS Accredited Researcher process)
  • Users must have been issued with Secure Lab login credentials

Please note the following for access to selected non-ONS controlled data:

  • Researchers must be registered at a UK HE/FE institution or an ESRC-funded research centre
  • PhD and research students can request access but need to apply jointly with their supervisors

Users should also be aware of the following if they wish to use the Secure Lab:

1. Each user needs their own static routable IP address.

2. The endpoint device which accesses the Secure Lab (i.e. your workstation) must:

  • Be owned and managed by the organisation from which the Secure Lab will be accessed.
  • Have a direct connection to the internet; proxy servers may not be used.
  • Have a dedicated, static, public IP address (1-2-1 Network Address Translation is allowed).
  • Have no other network connections present except for the one being used to access the Secure Lab, this includes using VPNs.

3. The following security measures must also be observed:

  • When the Secure Lab is accessed, only the wired Ethernet is used, and that the wireless is not connected simultaneously.
  • The user only accesses the Secure Lab from their designated office, not from any other location.
  • That good security measures are observed by the user, for example, locking screens when leaving the workstation unattended.
  • Not allowing screens to be visible to people other than Secure Lab users working on the same Secure Lab project.

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