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Census data

The population census is a vital resource for social scientific research and policy development, providing a snapshot of demographic and social life in the UK that helps inform government policy at local and central level.

We hold a range of different types of census data, see our Census Support site for more information.


  • Census aggregate data

    Aggregate data provide area counts, usually of individuals or households with particular characteristics.

  • Census flow data

    Census flow data (also known as interaction data) are data that relate to flows of people between places.

  • Census microdata

    We provide access to census microdata, which are individual level data. Large samples of census records have been drawn and anonymised and are known as the Samples of Anonymised Records (SARs).

  • Census boundary data

    We provide access to digitised boundary datasets and geographic look-up tables corresponding to the census geography of the UK. Digital boundaries are provided in common Geographical Information System (GIS) formats.

Business microdata
Qualitative / mixed methods
Administrative data

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