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Data that gives context to the pandemic

Key data
COVID-19 data

This table lists studies that are currently investigating the impact of COVID-19, the topics they cover and further information from the agencies running them.

Some of these studies are not yet available through the UK Data Service. To keep updated with the latest COVID-19 data releases, please join our mailing list or follow @UKDataService for updates.

Study name Topics Further information

Opinions and Lifestyle
Survey – COVID-19

diagnosis and symptoms
impact on life overall
impact on work and finances
impact on school and university
impact on caring responsibilities
impact on wellbeing
impact on relationships
concerns around friends and family
purchase of groceries
perceptions of the future
opinions on the economic situation
opinions on and awareness of government guidance
opinions on and adherence to stay home guidelines
reasons for leaving home
hand washing and use of hand sanitiser
use and frequency of using tissues
working at home
spending time at home
avoiding contact
community spirit
life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety ratings
loneliness and levels of support
caring responsibilities
changes in wellbeing
home schooling and its impact
access to green spaces

and the social
impacts on
Great Britain Statistical bulletins

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey pilot

estimates of people testing positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) in England

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey pilot

UCL Centre for
Longitudinal Studies (CLS) COVID-19
Online Survey

Sent to participants of
the following 5 longitudinal studies:
Millennium Cohort
Study (born 2000-02),
Next Steps 
(born 1989-90),
1970 British Cohort
Study, National Child
Development Study (born 1958) and
1946 British birth cohort, NSHD

physical health (including COVID-19)
household composition, relationships and caring
pregnancy, children, school and childcare
housing and financial situation
finances and benefits
employment (pre- and post- outbreak)
education (pre- and post- outbreak)
health behaviours
social contact and social support
loneliness and mental health
COVID-19 experiences (open text question)
linkage to COVID-19 symptom tracker app

UCL’s longitudinal
studies to survey thousands about
impact of COVID-19

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Understanding Society
- COVID-19 Study

coronavirus symptoms and test results
management of long-term health conditions
caring responsibilities
employment and financial situation
home schooling
food and alcohol consumption
exercise and smoking
mental wellbeing

Understanding Society
Covid-19 survey web page

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ELSA Covid-19 study

experience of COVID-19 symptoms, illness, testing, and hospitalisation of the participant, their household, and people close to them
other health issues - new health conditions, access to hospital primary care, and medication
mental health - depression, anxiety and wellbeing
financial circumstances - changes in income and financial situation, worries and expectations about the future, ability to buy food, receipt of benefits
work - changes, risk of infection, job security
social connections and isolation - contact with family and friends, quality of relationship with partner, loneliness, internet and tv use, volunteering and caregiving
health behaviours - changes in smoking, drinking alcohol, physical activity, eating behaviour, sedentary behaviour, and sleep

Covid-19 study

Estimating the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 in Europe, model fit for Bayesian model 2020

death rates
bayesian modelling

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Quarterly Labour Force Survey

NB: This data does not contain questions that specifically address COVID-19 but is a special release in response to the situation - to make Labour Market statistics from this time period available outside of the usual LFS calendar quarters.

work history
hours worked
earnings (1992+)
benefit entitlement 
caring responsbiilities

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ONS Time Use Survey - Coronavirus and how people spent their time under lockdown: 28 March to 26 April 2020

How the general population spent their time under lockdown
Unpaid work gap between men and women
Changes in time use across different income groups

ONS Statistical Bulletin

Dataset (ONS)

SN 8653 Business Impact of COVID-19 Survey, 2020: Secure Access

Impact of COVID on how businesses turnover, workforce, prices, trade and resilience have been affected over a two week reference period

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Office for National Statistics

NHS England


Data catalogue

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