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"Ideas for research using data on food and food security"

Key data

The UK Data Service has a library of case studies demonstrating how our data have been used. You can identify uses according to topic, data type and educational course.

Use Discover to view all our case studies on food and food security. This will provide a list with links to case studies and other related materials.

See the following highlighted case studies for some ideas for research using data on food and food security:

cs90medThis study, conducted by researchers from the University of Leeds and Nottingham, investigates how the environment influences women's diets in the UK. It explores the variations in dietary patterns in two ways: at the large scale of Government Office Region level and using 'Supergroup' Output Area Classification, a geodemographic classification for a smaller scale picture.

Are alcohol pricing policies effective in reducing crime and health issues?

cs90medMany British governments have considered policies focused on changing the way alcohol is priced, including setting a minimum price and restricting price-based promotions. Researchers from the University of Sheffield addressed the priorities of policymakers and focused on these two policies and certain population sub-groups of interest such as underage drinkers, binge drinkers aged 18-24, moderate drinkers, hazardous drinkers and harmful drinkers.

How could a ‘fat tax’ impact public health?

cs136medTaxes might have a limited impact on 'bad diets', and as a result, on our health. This study measures whether a tax intervention can have an impact on diet-related disease risks, accounting for the full range of diets that one might follow. More specifically, this project measures the impact of a tax on saturated fats, coupled with a subsidy on fruit and vegetables, designed so as to create a revenue-neutral scheme


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