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"Plan ahead to create high-quality shareable research data"

Data management planning

Good data management is fundamental for high quality research data and research excellence. Data management covers all aspects of handling, organising, documenting and enhancing research data, and enabling their sustainability and sharing. Many research funders require data management and sharing plans at the start of research projects.

Data management planning for ESRC researchers

All ESRC grant applicants planning to create data during their research have to include a data management plan with their application, as an attachment to the Je-S form.

Roles and responsibilities

Data management is not just the responsibility of the researcher who creates the data. Many people are involved in the research process and have potential roles in ensuring the integrity and quality of research data and increasing the potential for data sharing.

Costing data management

Data management and sharing activities need to be costed into research, in terms of time and resources needed. Early planning of data management can significantly reduce costs.

Data management checklist

Our data management checklist can help you identify what you need to do to put into place good data practices, and which actions to take to optimise data sharing.

Why share data?

Many research funders and publishers are committed to a long-term strategy for data resource provision and encourage researchers to share data.

How to share data

There is more than one avenue through which you can share your data. As you start your research consider how your data can be shared.


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