Tools and templates

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"Providing researchers with access to the tools they need"

This is our selection of tools and templates that researchers may find useful for various data management tasks in social sciences research:

  • Model consent form (doc) that takes into account consent for data sharing and future data reuse
  • Sample survey consent statement (doc) that considers consent for data sharing and future data reuse
  • Transcription template (pdf) of our preferred uniform style and layout for transcripts deposited with us
  • Example transcription instructions (pdf) to help transcribers use a consistent style, layout and editing
  • Transcription confidentiality agreement (pdf) to ensure that audio recordings and transcripts that may contain personal and confidential information about interviewees is handled correctly by a transcriber
  • Data list template (xls) to create an informative overview guide of a collection of interview transcripts or other qualitative data
  • Data management costing tool (pdf) to help cost data management tasks in a research grant application
  • Text anonymisation tool (zip) to help you find disclosive information to remove or pseudonymise in qualitative textual data files. 
  • ReadMe file template (doc) is a summary file used to inform future users about the content of all data/documentation files/folders available in each ReShare collection

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