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"Training in how to look after research data"

We provide guidance and training on all aspects of data management and sharing ­­‑ through web-based, workshops and printed advice.

Our training resources

Our training materials have been designed and used as part of our daily work for years in supporting ESRC applicants and award holders, and been brought to fruition in a handbook published by Sage Publishing in March 2014, with a second revised edition in 2020. 

The book Managing and Sharing Research Data: a guide to good practice, contains chapters that are modularised with explanatory text, case studies, exercises and answers. They are primarily geared towards social scientists, but are easily adaptable to other disciplines and countries by adding relevant exemplars. The accompanying website to the book points to complementary online resources.  

Note. Our 2011 training resources pack and guide, Managing and Sharing Data: Best practice for researchers, are now superseded by our book on Managing and Sharing Data: a best practice guide for researchers.  

View our past projects and outputs on research data management at the UK Data Archive. 

Our training exercises

In our data management and sharing training we use hands-on exercises that we have developed from real-case datasets and scenarios. These exercises are licensed under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). We are happy for these to be reused or repurposed by others for their own research data management training but request that the resources are referenced using the citation embedded in each exercise. 

Our training events

On our events database you can find our programme of research data management and sharing amongst others.

If you have a query, please feel free to get in touch.

Other training resources

There are a variety of other research data management resources available online, below are a selection of these. 

CESSDA - free online expert tour guide to data management

MANTRA – free online course teaching RDM

DCC Data management education and training list

Coursera – research data management and sharing course

Essentials 4 Data Support – rdnl course on storing, managing, archiving and sharing research data

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