INSPIRE for the social sciences

7 October 2011
UK Data Archive, University of Essex

The UK Data Archive and EDINA are organising a one-day workshop on the European INSPIRE Directive for the social sciences, co-ordinated by the JISC funded geospatial projects U.Geo and GECO.

We want to bring together people from academia, data providers and research councils to show what various people are doing regarding the INSPIRE Directive and in particular the Annex III data specifications; and to provide a platform to discuss what needs to be done.

The INSPIRE Directive aims to create an EU spatial data infrastructure to enable the sharing of environmental spatial data among public sector organisations and better facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe. This will benefit the development and monitoring of environmental policy and practice in all Member States and across the European Community. Annex III data themes includes social sciences domain data on human health and safety, utility and government services, and population distribution and demography.


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