Going digital: Managing and sharing your digital research data

25 June 2014
Room 2N2.4.16, University of Essex

A full-day workshop at the UK Data Archive on best practices in managing and sharing digital research data.

Research data form the cornerstone of scientific knowledge, learning and innovation. In this digital age, the generation of research data has not only grown exponentially, but data are nowadays very easily stored, kept long-term, exchanged and re-used around the world.

The sharing of and easy access to digital research data, which is made easy by technological advances, is increasingly expected by research funders and journal publishers. Researcher' responsibilities towards their research data are therefore changing and it is important for researchers to improve and professionalise their research data management skills, so that high quality and sustainable data result from projects.

In this workshop we will guide you through the key aspects of how to manage, document, format, store, safeguard and share research data, and how to plan and implement good data management in research projects, with a view to optimise data sharing. For an interactive approach we encourage participants to share their research and data management experiences, for use in exercises and discussions on the day.

After attending the workshop you will:

  • have a good understanding of best practices in managing, storing and sharing research data
  • appreciate the professional skills required to look after research data properly
  • understand how roles and responsibilities can be assigned to projects to meet ethical and legal requirements
  • be confident to share learnt experiences in your own research environment

If you are a student of the University of Essex please book directly on the link below.

There is a travel bursary for non-Essex students of £50.

If you are a non-Essex student and would like to attend the workshop please email Dr Carol Jaensch for a place.

This workshop is now full


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