Meeting: Making smarter use of household energy data: opportunities and challenges for scaling up research

9 December 2015
LSE Rosebery Hall, London

The UK Data Service and the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology, UCL, are pleased to host a meeting on scaling up social science research infrastructure to exploit big data, with a focus on household energy data. We are gathering input from researchers working in this field on data and platform needs. The work is part of a recent knowledge exchange award won by the UK Data Service and South Africa's DataFirst under a 2015 ESRC/NRF International Centre Partnerships call.

If you are a researcher who is actively engaged in this area, we invite you to join us to hear about new opportunities and platforms for hosting, exploiting and linking energy data. Drinks and light refreshments will be provided. As part of this project we are interested in making contact with researchers who are already using household energy data and who may wish to contribute to the development of tools and testing of access environments.

Invited speakers from UCL, DECC, the UK Data Service and the ESRC Big Data Network will address the following topics:

How can we make better use of existing household energy datasets?

  • benefits and barriers
  • improved access to existing data (e.g. Energy Performance Data and other sources that could be made available through UK Data Service)
  • linking existing datasets (e.g. NEED)

How can we best use new/future data sources (e.g. smart meter data, Internet of Things)?

  • platforms and tools. We will outline the UK Data Service’s new Open Data Platform (ODP), based on a Hadoop ecosystem
  • capture and documentation of the provenance and quality of large/ real-time data sources
  • governance and informed consent

What are the priority questions that innovative use of energy data can help answer?

  • what data are required in order to answer them?

How do stakeholder perspectives converge or differ?

  • research institutions; government; data archives/repositories; charities/NGOs; industry/private-sector

Venue: Myddelton Conference Suite, LSE Rosebery Hall, 90 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4TY

Time: 15.00-17.30

As spaces are limited for this meeting we reserve the right to select prospective participants who are working directly in this area. Please make sure you specify your role and department in your booking details.


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