Webinar: Data Citation

29 February 2016
Online 12.00 till 13.00 GMT

The UK Data Service is exploring ways of citing data ranging from study level, to subsets of data, to paragraphs of text.  

The UK Data Service produces citations for each of our data catalogue records held within Discover, our on-line tool used to search and browse our data collections . Each citation includes a persistent identifier, created via DataCite, to give a unique access code to assign to the data. Citations can be downloaded in multiple formats.

We also have tools to dynamically create a citation from paragraphs in qualitative text.

Users can select a passage of text, for which we then mint a unique identifier.  This can be used to precisely cite the exact piece of text selected. Those reading subsequent research, can then go directly to that particular paragraph to read the text in context.  

Our tools allow the citation to be simply copied and pasted into any reference list.

This webinar will explain how to cite data from the UK Data Service collections and show how easy it is to produce citations in multiple formats.

International users may find this Time Zone conversion tool useful.