Webinar: What are APIs?

26 May 2016
Online, 15.00 - 16.00

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a generic term for a well-defined set of rules or protocols which allows two applications, or an application and an end user, to communicate and transfer data between each other in a meaningful way.

This webinar will concentrate on the use of APIs to access and download information from websites for which an API is available (e.g. internet search engines, social media websites, travel information websites etc.). An example we will use is the Twitter API that allows you to get Tweets and related information about Tweets (e.g. hashtag and geography if available).  

This webinar will provide an overview of:
•    Some examples of Open APIs which can be accessed via the Internet
•    Restrictions which may be applied to requests for data from an API
•    Examples and explanation of calls to request data from Open APIs
•    Examples and explanations of typical output formats returned by API calls
•    Examples of how the retrieved data might be stored or further processed

This webinar is intended for researchers with no in-depth knowledge of programming with data. Attendees are more likely to find this webinar useful if they already have some interest in internet data sources which provide open access to their data via an API.

The webinar will consist of a 40 minute presentation followed by 20 minutes for questions.