Looking after and managing your research data: An advanced training course

1 - 2 November 2016
Meeting Room MR2, Brettenham House, 5 Lancaster Place, London, WC2E 7EN

This in-depth 2-day course will help researchers develop their knowledge and professional skills in handling, managing and sharing the research data they produce.

The hands-on workshop will focus on all kinds of data - quantitative and qualitative – covering:

  •     Why and how to share data
  •     Research data management planning
  •     Documenting and providing context for data
  •     Formatting and organising data
  •     Storing and transferring data
  •     Ethics, privacy and access
  •     Rights relating to research data
  •     Publishing and citing research data

Having these skills are increasingly important to researchers seeking to advance their careers, as they are not taught in most postgraduate programmes. In addition to managing and safekeeping research data for personal use, funders are increasingly mandating data management plans that allow data to be archived and reused, while journals are requiring submission of data underpinning peer-reviewed publications.


Day 1: 9.30- 17.00pm followed by Welcome drinks

Day 2: 9.30-15.30pm

Costs of the workshop are:

£60 - UK registered students

£120 - Staff - UK academic institutions & research centres, ESRC funded researchers, UK reg. charity & voluntary orgs., Staff - Public sector and Government

£300 - All other participants including commercial organisation and non-UK individuals


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