Workshop: Introduction to programming

31 October 2016
Computer lab 2.2, Humanities Bridgeford Street Building, University of Manchester

There is more to programming than simply writing lines of code. This free workshop will provide you with a basic set of skills which are aimed at making the coding process more effective, less error prone and more maintainable. 

This workshop is intended for researchers who are looking to obtain a basic understanding of the approach to be taken when designing a program as well as actually writing small programs to solve specific problems.  This course will be of interest to those with no formal training in programming.  

This workshop will provide an overview of:

•        Specifying the problem to be solved  
•        Creating flowcharts and pseudo-code
•        Documentation 
•        Testing and debugging
•        Different coding environments 
•        Basic Python coding constructs
•        Creating a complete program

The format of the workshop will be a mixture of PowerPoint presentations and hands-on practical exercises using the Python programming language and social sciences datasets from the UK Data Service. 


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