Information overload? What the future holds for using, sharing and managing data - CANCELLED

9 November 2017
Colchester Campus, University of Essex

The UK Data Archive has been curating and providing access to data for the past 50 years. Over this time we've seen a vast increase in the volume of data created, in the complexity of datasets and in the analysis that can be done. Technological advances have taken data storage from punch cards and tape drives to servers and cloud storage that allow people to access data from their mobile phones. As recipe cards and knitting patterns get superseded by more complex and intelligent algorithms, what happens to all the information and how it is used? But what does the future hold? How will new technology impact on our use of data? Does more data mean better analysis? Or do we risk drowning in a sea of information?  

Hosted by the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex, experts discuss these issues and try to predict what the future might look like.

Join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the UK Data Archive and take this rare opportunity to hear from, and challenge, leading experts on how data is being used to benefit society, now and in the future.

Further information contact: Miss Helen Johnson


Telephone: 01206 872319

Venue: University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ

Organised by : UK Data Archve

Timings: 18.00 - 19.30

Please note this event is now cancelled


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