Webinar: Using app-based and sensing methods for social science research

21 March 2019
Online, 10.00 - 11.00 GMT

This free webinar, hosted by the UK Data Service and methods@manchester, is designed for anyone interested in or involved with using app-based and sensing tools to collect data for social science research. We focus specifically on use of these methods to study people's perceptions of place and crime, but they are applicable to a wide variety of topics. We will discuss the merits of these emerging methodological approaches, illustrate the new insights that can be gained by the data they collect, outline approaches to research design incorporating them, and discuss limitations, ethical concerns, and directions for the future. The webinar will consist of 50 minutes of presentations and 10 minutes for Q&A.


Reka Solymosi is a lecturer in quantitative methods focused on making use of new forms of data to gain insight into people's behaviour and subjective experiences, particularly focusing on crime, transport, and spatial research. She is also interested in promoting data literacy.

Michael Chataway is a lecturer at the School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology. His research focuses on measuring and responding to fear of crime using mobile technologies. Michael’s other research interests include social geography, environmental psychology, and digital methods.  


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