Workshop: An Introduction to Geographical Data Visualisation

16 May 2019
Jisc, Manchester

A table of numbers is not always the best way to present data, often we want to visualise information in some way to help people see patterns quickly.

This free half-day workshop, organised by the UK Data Service, will focus on freely available visualisation tools, using census area data and international time series data as examples. We will concentrate on data which has a geographical component, and look at mapping as well as other useful visualisations. The workshop is at the introductory level, no experience is needed.

The workshop will include:

  • A brief introduction to the UK Data Service
  • Demos and exercises showing you how to download census and international data
  • Issues with data visualisation
  • Hands-on exercises manipulating data:
    • QGIS to create choropleth maps and cartograms
    • Exploring Tableau Public to create maps, other visualisations, and a dashboard
  • Opportunities to ask questions and explore further

Richard Wiseman, UK Data Service, Jisc
James Crone, UK Data Service, The University of Edinburgh