Online workshop: Dissertation projects: Introduction to secondary analysis for qualitative and quantitative data

18 May 2021
Online, 11:00 - 12:30 BST

Secondary analysis is a great way to get experience working with data without having to go into the field. This free workshop, organised by the UK Data Service, will take you through the research process of a secondary analysis project, which includes an overview of the methodological, ethical, and procedural issues.

If you are a postgraduate looking for a project to do this summer that doesn’t involve face-to-face contact, or an undergraduate student trying to evaluate options for next year’s dissertation, this workshop will give you options to ensure you get valuable research experience during your degree.

This is an introductory workshop which assumes no prior experience of using archived data.

Presenters: Maureen Haaker and Alle Bloom

Level: Beginner
Experience/knowledge required: basic knowledge of research methods is advisable but no prior experience of working with secondary data is required.
Target audience: postgraduate students and HE staff teaching research methods

This event is part of the UK Data Service Introductory Training Series: Spring 2021   

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