UK Data Service now online

Article dated: 22 March 2013

After months of planning, the newly formed UK Data Service launched its website on 21 March 2013. UK Data Service symbol

The new website consolidates and integrates four services established and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS), the Secure Data Service, the Survey Question Bank and elements of the ESRC Census Programme.

The UK Data Service website provides a unified point of access to more than 6,000 collections of high quality social and economic data, including UK Census data, government-funded surveys, longitudinal studies, international macrodata, qualitative data and business microdata.

Users of the previous services will be able to find all of the data, documentation, guides and support from the previous services, plus a number of added functions including:

  • a completely new search engine, Discover
  • a new variables search integrated into Discover
  • a unified helpdesk – one place to ask for expert advice and guidance
  • more than 100 case studies demonstrating how the data are being used
  • social media links on every page

Discover is the core of the site, acting as a unified portal where users from all previous services can search and browse for data, documentation and support guides as well as research outputs and case studies.

For most users, the transition to the new service and website should be seamless. Portions of the ESDS website will remain live during the transition, however the remaining websites (Secure Data Service, and Survey Question Bank) will automatically redirect to the new site.

Registered users are encouraged to read the FAQs for any concerns they might have.

Discover UK Data Service