HASSET available as Linked Data

Article dated: 5 April 2013

The Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus (HASSET) is now available on the web as Linked Data, making this valuable and highly used thesaurus more widely available and more useable.

This new resource is an outcome of the Jisc-funded SKOS-HASSET project, led by staff at the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex, which owns and manages HASSET. Like dictionaries, thesauri describe the changing world around them; this is why the UK Data Archive continues work to ensure HASSET is up to date.

Simple Knowledge Organisation System(SKOS) makes the thesaurus machine-readable. It is the version of Resource Description Framework (RDF) specific to classification resources. It encodes these products in a standardised way to make their structures comparable and to facilitate interaction.


There is more information about the product and the project and users can access SKOS-HASSET (the thesaurus released as Linked Data).

Beta version of HASSET browser

The SKOS-HASSET project also set up an online HASSET browser for people to use. This allows anyone to drill down into the thesaurus from its top terms or to search for a term. The HASSET browser is available in beta and feedback is welcome.

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