Find out about managing data for use in social science research

Article dated: 12 October 2013

Are you actively working with planning, storing and sharing data for use in social science research?

If the answer is yes then join us for our workshop on 27 November 2013 and find out how the UK Data Service can help with:

  • costing, planning and managing social science data effectively and following best practice
  • appraising, ingesting, curating and making accessible that mixed bag of data that a social scientist might have created
  • effectively demonstrating the impact of sharing

In this workshop you can try our exercises on:

  • costing short and longer-term data management
  • appraising and inspecting data for social science research, including assessing disclosure risk and determining suitable access pathways
  • assembling meaningful documentation and sufficient context for data collections
  • creating high quality metadata records for data that comply with international social science archival practice

The cost includes all workshop materials plus refreshments and lunch: UK students: £30; UK academic staff (including research centres), ESRC researchers, voluntary and public sectors staff: £60; commercial and others: £150.

This course is unsuitable for undergraduate or postgraduate students unless working specifically in a data archiving environment.


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