UK Data Service Innovation Fund

Article dated: 14 October 2013

The ESRC are looking for proposals that will help drive forward the development of the UK Data Service and open up its reach to new communities.

Do you have a new and innovative idea that could help drive forward the future of social science research?

Can you help put the UK Data Service at the forefront of emerging technologies?

Would you like the opportunity to team up with others who could help make your idea a reality?

The ESRC are looking for creative and innovative approaches that the UK Data Service can adopt to support social science research. They have created the UK Data Service Innovation Fund to help develop ideas into substantial projects. Up to £150,000 is available for each of a small number of successful projects.

Potential applicants are required to register for and participate in the UK Data Service Innovation Fund Information Day on 21 November 2013. To participate, register by 8 November 2013 (originally 31 October 2013). Only registered participants will be invited to engage in the process.

Registration has been extended until 8 November 2013.


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