UK Data Service featured in new research data management handbook

Article dated: 17 December 2013

Researchers, institutions and policymakers have a new resource on the processes needed to set up and run effective institutional research data management services.

Delivering Research Data Management Services, published this week by Facet Publishing, is an exploration of the fundamentals of good practice, beginning with an overview of the political and cultural changes that have brought research data management to the attention of researchers, funders and service providers.

The authors then explore several options and approaches to practice, followed by an explication of roles and responsibilities, the route from scoping to sustainability and the range and components of necessary infrastructure and services.

The second half of the book features a series of case studies from experts in the UK, USA and Australia, which describe the environments that produced them, the methods employed and the lessons learned. The UK Data Service’s standards and practices are explored in depth in a full case study written by Director Matthew Woollard and Associate Director Louise Corti.

The guide is edited by Graham Pryor, Sarah Jones and Angus Whyte, all past and present members of the UK's Digital Curation Centre.

It will be of particular interest to heads of libraries, information technology managers, research support office staff and research directors. It will also be of interest to researchers, funders and policy makers as a reference tool for understanding how shifts in policy will have a range of ramifications within institutions.


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