Consultation: Your views needed on Community Life Survey

Article dated: 6 January 2014

The Cabinet Office want your views on the proposed future approach of the Community Life Survey, commissioned in 2012 to track trends and developments across areas that are key to encouraging social action and empowering communities.

The consultation invites input in three major areas – content, outputs, and methodology. It includes specific questions on:

  • how often reporting should take place (quarterly, annually, biannually)
  • the online methodology
  • the opportunities and implications a potential change in methodology might have, given the results from the development work

The consultation results will influence future waves of the Community Life Survey (beyond 2013-14 if commissioned), and all responses will be considered in light of the intended aims and objectives of the survey, financial budget, budgeted questionnaire length, timing and coherence constraints.

How to respond

Send responses (preferably by email) to: Deadline for input is Friday, 14 February 2014. Please make reference to the consultation questions in your response.


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