Understanding Society - new 'Insights' into UK society from longitudinal research

Article dated: 10 November 2016

Understanding Society has published its fifth annual report highlighting some of the new, topical, policy-relevant research conducted recently using data from the annual survey, which began in 2009 with around 100,000 individuals from 40,000 households.

Launching at tonight's policy event in London, this year's report includes chapters on education challenges, work-limiting long-term health conditions, family wellbeing and policy leading with reference to devolution. 

Insights 2016 features research and policy analysis from a wide range of social scientists and policy thinkers addressing some of the major issues of the day, using data from Understanding Society - an innovative world-leading study about 21st century UK life and how it's changing over time, led by a team of experts at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex

Every year Understanding Society captures important information about social and economic circumstances, attitudes and behaviours and the health of the same people living in households across 5,000 postcodes in the UK. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and a consortium of government departments and devolved nations, Understanding Society is a significant resource for providing important evidence on policy issues.

Professor Michaela Benzaval, Director of Understanding Society, said:

"Insights is just a sample of the some of the fascinating research being conducted using Understanding Society, by policy analysts here in the UK and by academics worldwide. By interviewing the same people year after year we can really see how the big political issues of the day are having an impact on the lives and behaviours of individuals, and what matters to them. This evidence is crucial for effective policy making, for business and industry, and for the organisations, charities, councils and governments supporting, delivering and improving our services today."

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