New UK Data Service Quiz on Understanding Society

Article dated: 1 August 2017

Whether you are a participant of Understanding Society, a researcher that uses the data or an individual interested in the largest panel survey in the world, you can now check and improve your knowledge about Understanding Society by taking our new Data Quiz released today.

It's a simple and fun way to find out information about the survey and discover social facts such as 'Which sibling is more ambitious when it comes to studying?' or 'the estimated value of childcare provided by Grandparents'.

Every year, Understanding Society collects multi-topic information about everyone in the household aged 10 years and older. The Study’s large sample size covers the whole of the UK and is important because it builds a rich picture of what it’s like to live in the UK over time. The Quiz has been created from the dataset also available for download from the UK Data Service.

Think you know the answers of these questions? 'Which part of the UK is most likely to agree that they live in a close-knit neighbourhood?', 'Does living within 5km of coast have any effect on general health?' Check your answers and improve your knowledge about the largest panel survey in the world by downloading our free Data Quiz App.

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