Understanding Society Innovation Panel waves 1-9 is available to download

Article dated: 14 August 2017

The UK Data Service is pleased to announce the release of Wave 9 of the Understanding Society Innovation Panel (IP)To download the data simply register with the UK Data Service.

The Innovation Panel is a longitudinal survey designed for researchers to use as a test-bed for innovative ways of collecting data and developing new areas of research. The latest data release, (IP9) uses a mixed-mode design, which includes both online and face-to-face interviews.

The Innovation Panel conducts multiple experiments and methodological tests each year which are submitted by researchers worldwide. The next call for proposals will be launched in November 2017.

The Innovation Panel team has published a new working paper which summarises the results of experiments and methodological tests: Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 9: Results from Methodological Experiments.

Breakdown of the experiments in wave 9

  • Reconciling Household Income and Spending (Mike Brewer, Jon Burton, Thomas F. Crossley, Paul Fisher, Alessandra Gaia, Annette Jӓckle, and Joachim Winter)
  • Improving Household Survey Measures of Income (Paul Fisher, Alessandra Gaia, Mike Brewer, Jon Burton, Thomas F. Crossley, Annette Jӓckle, and Joachim Winter)
  • Masking opposition to immigration: an experimental approach to understand the dynamics of social desirability bias (Mathew J. Creighton, and Amaney Jamal)
  • A comparison of self-reported sexual identity using direct and indirect questioning (Alessandra Gaia)
  • Separating systematic measurement error components using multi-trait multi-error (MTME) in longitudinal studies (Alexandru Cernat and Daniel Oberski)
  • IP9 experiment on visual presentation of satisfaction scales (Jonathan Burton)
  • What do the general population regard as “successful ageing”? (Elise Whitley, Michaela Benzeval and Frank Popham)
  • Targeted day of the week to send email invitation to the survey (Annamaria Bianchi)

Impact and usage examples

If you have used data from the Innovation Panel, please let Understanding Society know so they can publish a story about it.

Cite the data

All publications that use IP data must include the following acknowledgement:

“This paper makes use of data from the Understanding Society Innovation Panel administered by ISER, University of Essex, and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.”

Please also note that submissions for publication in peer reviewed journals or books must use the public release version of the Innovation Panel data. Researchers must obtain the final data version from the UK Data Service and re-run their analyses using these data.

Training is also being offered for users of IP data

The online course Introduction to the Innovation Panel using Stata consists of an introductory presentation about the Innovation Panel, followed by a series of examples. The focus of the course is on understanding which data are available and how to prepare them for analyses, rather than on analysis methods.

The course is aimed at new users of the Innovation Panel, as well as those who have so far only made use of simpler aspects of the data.

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