Dissertation data: Undergraduate resource pack launched

Article dated: 18 July 2018

The UK Data Service has created a resource pack entitled “Dissertations and their data: promoting research integrity”, which aims to introduce the idea of transparency in research into undergraduate teaching.

This pack is designed to encourage better data management and research integrity in undergraduate dissertations and will be of great benefit to teachers supervising research projects and students undertaking them. 

Launched at the NCRM Research Methods Festival during Louise Corti’s session Show me the data: research reproducibility for qualitative methods, this resource proved highly popular among delegates. 

The pack provides real examples of good practice and inspiration of what good documentation and planning could look like for a student project. It also includes practical templates for consent, transcription, anonymisation and documentation – based upon templates and models of forms created and recommended by the UK Data Service to researchers which have been adapted to suit the specific needs of undergraduate students. A link to slides for teaching is also included which can be adapted and modified to suit various project needs and different disciplines.

Louise Corti stated “We hope by instilling best practice methods early, students will embrace the idea of trust in data and in the transparency of research findings, and pass on the good practice and messages as they enter their own research or professional careers.

Download the resource pack and slides

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