Upgrade to data discovery and access systems

Article dated: 13 September 2018

The UK Data Service has recently upgraded its data discovery and access systems. We hope users and depositors are happy with the new look and feel of the new Data Catalogue and the ‘My Account’ area. The following changes apply:

Changes to depositing data

We are pleased to announce a new online account feature for depositors, where you can add metadata about the data being deposited and liaise with us to set up relevant terms and conditions for use of your data. We will then create an appropriate suitable licence using our new Licence Builder for you to sign electronically via your account. You will also be able to track the progress of your data deposit in your account.

For ESRC grant holders, data deposit into our ReShare repository has not been affected by the upgrade, and you should continue to deposit to ReShare.

Changes to our Data Catalogue

Our Data Catalogue, previously known as ‘Discover’, has been upgraded taking into account feedback from our user experience programme. Based on user feedback we have modernised the look and feel of the interface. Some of the key changes you may notice are:

  • The catalogue is now limited to data studies and series. The Question and Variable Bank and QualiBank can still be accessed via their usual URLs;
  • A simplification of the user interface and fewer facets to choose from;
  • The addition of a more sophisticated searching algorithm to return more relevant searches;
  • The study DOI clearly displayed on the left as a reminder to use it;
  • The study’s edition history is available;
  • For those who have stored URLs for a particular dataset, these will be redirected to the dataset’s new web address;
  • Please note that not all features have been released for this version. So, for example, ReShare catalogue records (SN prefixed by ‘85’) have a different layout.

Changes to accessing data

Current uses will notice a new look and feel to their ‘My Account’ area. Here you can:

  • Easily add datasets to your project;
  • The Download/order data link in the catalogue record has been replaced with ‘Add to account’, found on the catalogue record’s ‘Access’ tab. This adds that Study Number to your account, while you can continue browsing and adding more data. Once you have finished adding data to your account, go to ‘My Account’ (via the ink in the top bar) and a summary of your account will be shown. Use the ‘View data’ link to see a list of data. You then assign these to your chosen project, or create a new project. Data can then be downloaded or access requested;
  • At any time you can review your account activity. Personal details and your communication options can be updated via ‘My Details’;
  • Existing Secure Lab users will not notice any differences when accessing their Secure Lab accounts;
  • External data systems like Nesstar should work as usual;
  • Please contact our Helpdesk if you find any problems with your account.

For those working outside UK higher and further education, the process of registering with the UK Data Service has been streamlined. As before, the End User Licence is agreed to online, and following successful registration, access to your account is instant.

Many thanks to our users for bearing with us during these changes.

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