Teaching resource: Interview methods

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"Illustrating interview methods using our extensive data collection"

Interviewing is a frequently used method in social research with its suitability being entirely dependent on the particular research question. Qualitative interviewing is generally distinguished from questionnaire-based interviewing, even if the form of communication, such as face-to face conversation, may be the same.

This teaching resource provides instructors and students with materials designed to assist in teaching qualitative interviewing.

The UK Data Service has created this resource to illustrate interview methods using its extensive data collection held as part of the UK Data Archive holdings, and, in particular, to assist instructors who have limited research materials of their own.

The resource provides brief summaries of several different interviewing techniques and each summary is accompanied by full transcripts or excerpts and the interview schedule (or guidance notes). It concludes with selected references and practical suggestions for how to use the materials for teaching.


Qualitative interviews


Ethical reuse


Structured interviews


Semi-structured interviews


Unstructured interviews


Feminist interviews


Life story interviews


Oral history


Psychosocial interviews

Teaching activities



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