1. Frequencies

Exercise 1. Frequencies

Question 1: How many cohort members were depressed in their thirties? Were more depressed at age 30 or age 34? (Hint: frequency of b30malg and b34malg variables).

Solution: From the Analyse drop-down menu select Descriptive Statistics and then Frequencies. Select b30malg b34malg and click on the right arrow button to move the two variables into the Variable(s) box. Click on OK.


Using syntax: If PASTE is selected instead of OK, a syntax window will open and the following syntax command will appear in it. Highlight the syntax and then click on the right arrow button on the toolbar to run the command.

VARIABLES=b30malg b34malg
2. Means
3. Crosstabs
4. Constructing summary scores
5. Recoding continuous variables
6. Correlations
7. Linear regression
8. Logistic regression

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