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Every day, data from the UK Data Service collection are used to inform research, influence policy and teach the next generation of social scientists.

Here are just the latest in our library of case studies that demonstrate how these data are being used.

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    Personality and gender influence how we cope with illness

    Research using data from the British Household Panel Survey
    Dusanee Kesavayuth and Vasileios Zikos, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce 28 January 2016

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    Creating percentile charts of body mass index by age and gender

    Crystallise, an analytics and modelling company that services the finance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector, explored the distribution of body mass index as a health risk factor using the Health Survey for England 2012.
    Chris Martin, Crystallise Limited 11 November 2015

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    Is gardening beneficial for mental health?

    This study investigated the relationship between gardening and mental health in general adults in a country-wide and population-based setting using the Scottish Health Survey
    Ivy Shiue, Northumbria University 10 November 2015

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    Exploring the 'Middle' in GCSE attainment

    Research using data from the British Household Panel Study and the Youth Cohort Study
    Roxanne Connelly, Administrative Data Research Centre, Scotland 30 September 2015

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    Does broadband access make UK firms more successful?

    Research using data from the Business Structure Database Longitudinal, the E-commerce Survey and the Annual Respondent Dataset.
    Timothy DeStefano, Richard Kneller and Jonathan Timmis, University of Nottingham 30 September 2015

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