Dataset guides

Guides about, or specifically written for, particular datasets.

Survey data

Introductory Guide to the Living Costs and Food Survey

Guidance on applying for the Family Resources Survey: Safe Room access

1970 British Cohort Study Malaise Inventory Teaching Resource

Likert Items and Scales (Survey Question Bank Methods Fact Sheet 1)

Measuring Crime (Question Bank Commentary)

Measuring Educational Attainment (Survey Question Bank Topic Overview 6)

Physical Functioning in Older Adults (Survey Question Bank Topic Overview 5)

Alcohol Use in Youth (Survey Question Bank Topic Overview 3)

Measuring Sexual Behaviour and Risk (Survey Question Bank Topic Overview 1)

International databases

Guide to UNIDO Industrial Statistics and Demand-Supply Balance Databases

Guide to Human Rights Atlas

Guide to the Eurostat New Cronos

Guide to the International Energy Agency datasets

IMF guides

Guide to IMF Balance of Payments Statistics

Guide to IMF Direction of Trade Statistics

Guide to IMF Government Finance Statistics

Guide to IMF International Financial Statistics

Guide to IMF World Economic Outlook

World Bank guides

Guide to World Bank World Development Indicators

Guide to World Bank's International Debt Statistics

Guide to World Bank Africa Development Indicators

UNESCO guides

Guide to UNESCO Communication and Information Statistics

Guide to UNESCO Cultural Employment Statistics

Guide to UNESCO Education Statistics

Guide to UNESCO Feature Film Statistics

Guide to UNESCO Research and Experimental Development Statistics

Guide to UNESCO Innovation Statistics

OECD guides

Guides for OECD datasets

Qualitative and mixed methods data

Teaching resource: Folk devils and moral panics

Last Refuge Teaching Resource

Family Life and Work Experience Before 1918, 1870-1973

Health and Social Consequences of the Foot and Mouth Disease Epidemic in North Cumbria, 2001-2003

Guide to Retail Competition and Consumer Choice, 2002-2004

Families, Social Mobility and Ageing, an Intergenerational Approach, 1900-1988

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