Ideas for teaching

Teaching ideas

Short guides designed to make lesson planning more efficient for those teaching data analysis skills. Drawing on real class-room experiences, each guide includes suggested research questions, dataset and exercises:

Got any great ideas you’d like to share with others?

We want to expand the number of teaching ideas. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute one. We acknowledge all contributions and we promote their use through various networks.

Other ways to bring data and research into the classroom

Use published studies and reports to engage students

Make use of the documentation

  • How can we measure unemployment, well-being or values? Look at survey documentation to find out
  • Students developing their own surveys can select and critique survey questions from the questionnaires of key surveys and the variable and question bank

Expand horizons across countries and time

Give practical examples of survey design issues

  • Give students practical encounters with concepts such as standard error and confidence intervals by looking at small sub-populations
  • Use descriptions of survey design and weights in the documentation of key UK surveys; students can then explore how weights adjust data

Make use of qualitative data

Teach students about how to manage research data

  • Our training materials include content on consent, confidentiality and the data lifecycle

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