Teaching resources

This section provides information and links to our collection of teaching resources, which includes workbooks for learning quantitative methods and statistical software, teaching materials using major archived qualitative studies and datasets designed for teaching and learning.

Quantitative resources

Teaching resources spreadsheet

This spreadsheet contains a full list of our quantitative teaching resources. 

There are four types of resource, organised into four sheets:

  • teaching ideas: Short guides to help make lesson planning more efficient. Guides include practical exercises students can do, using data available from the UK Data Service, to help them learn quantitative methods.
  • methods and software guides: Detailed guides providing information on a range of research methods and how to use software such as SPSS, STATA and R.
  • dataset guides: Guides about using data from international organisations such as the OECD and World Bank.
  • e-books: Statistical e-books and accompanying quizzes for direct use in teaching undergraduate students quantitative methods and statistical software (descriptives, correlation, regression and multiple regression)

Some of the resources listed in the spreadsheet contains a list of the substantive topics (e.g. ethnicity) and methods (e.g. regression) they cover, as well as the dataset they use. Direct links to each resource are also included.

Survey question bank

The Survey Question Bank (now part of the UK Data Service) produced a range of papers discussing the measurement of important topics and concepts, including Educational Attainment (PDF), Religiosity (PDF)  and Drug use (PDF).

It has also produced a range of factsheets discussing key aspects of survey research, which are useful for students learning about and planning their own surveys. Topics include,  Methods of data collection in social surveys (PDF), Likert Scales and Items (PDF), Evaluating Survey Questions (PDF) and Survey Interviewing.

For the full collection of Survey Bank resources search for ‘Survey Question Bank’ in our Data Catalogue

Many of our other guides, while not explicitly designed for learning and teaching, can be readily used in teaching. These include:

  • methods guides
  • guides to software and online tools
  • guides to datasets
Qualitative/ mixed methods resources
Teaching datasets
Making your own teaching data

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