Teaching resources

This section provides information and links to our collection of teaching resources, which includes workbooks for learning quantitative methods and statistical software, teaching materials using major archived qualitative studies and datasets designed for teaching and learning.

Quantitative resources
Qualitative/ mixed methods resources
Teaching datasets

Our teaching datasets

We have datasets specifically designed for teaching, which have been produced both by data services and teachers themselves.

Teaching datasets are based on real data that has been kept to a manageable size to make it more accessible and engaging for students.

Our collection of teaching datasets include:

  • simplified versions of the major surveys
  • qualitative teaching files
  • data for teaching particular themes

For quantitative datasets, we have an Excel file that lists our teaching datasets. This includes useful summary information for each dataset such as the sample size, number of variables and potential uses. There is also a list of teaching datasets by substantive topics.

Explore teaching datasets in our Data Catalogue.

Simply register and download

Typically, to access teaching datasets you simply need to register with the UK Data Service and indicate the data is being used for teaching. You will then need to get students to sign an Access Agreement for Teaching (Find out how to register your students and share data with them)

Open Access

We have a small number of Open Access datasets available for teaching that can be used without registration or authentication. See our open access data web pages for more information.


A number of teaching datasets are available in Nesstar allowing students to explore survey data (without needing a statistics package). 

Making your own teaching data

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