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"Can you show me how to do that?"

View our growing range of training videos covering a variety of topics. Our online tutorial videos provide an engaging, self-paced and easily accessible alternative to our traditional written guides.

View the videos in HD for optimal quality - click on the cog at the bottom right of the video and change the setting. It will take a few seconds to adjust and become clear.

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Please note: some past video tutorial recordings include screenshots from an older version of the UK Data Service's homepage.

The Discover search box has been moved from the right-hand side to a more prominent position within the central frame of the website, just below the top navigation menu. All the top navigation menus remain the same.

Accessing data

Analysis tools

Citing data

Depositing data

Historical data

Managing data

Teaching with data

Weighting data

What data do we hold at the UK Data Service

Here we show you the range of data held by the UK Data Service.

An introduction to using weights in social surveys

Here we show you how to use weights in social surveys and how weighting can affect results.

How to download Boundary data

View our video tutorial on how to download boundary data offering a range of digitised boundary data including boundaries designed for use with census data in several GIS geographic information system formats.

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Our historical data collections

View our video tutorial on the UK Data Service's historical data collections.

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